Mobile robots offering services like transportation tasks enter various areas of our daily work-life. In this paper we present a concept for monitoring indoor environments using intelligent mobile robots. The basic components in this concept are the autonomously or semi-autonomously acting mobile robots, which should unburden the staff in their everyday duties. The paper describes both the system architecture based on the Blackboard concept, and the structure of the individual modules (agents). As an example we describe a world-modeling agent, a path-planning agent, and a navigation agent. Moreover, a human-like and easy to use 3D-user-interface to control the robots is presented.

Michael Pauly, Karl-Friedrich Kraiss. Monitoring Indoor Environments Using Intelligent Mobile Sensors. Proceedings of the 24th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, IECON'98, 31. August - 4. September, S. 2198-2203, Aachen, 1998.