ServiceBots is designed as a framework architecture for a group of service robots operating in structured environments. Although each robot is an autonomous systems, the group of service robots is coordinated to ensure a reliable service delivery. The relationship between the autonomy of behavior of each robot and the coordination of the team is the backbone of the proposed architecture. We position our proposed architecture by comparing it with the reference SAPHIRA architecture. We show how aspects related to high availability and reliability can be insured while keeping a decision autonomy of the robots. A discussion on the scalability and re-usability of the proposed design framework concludes our paper.

Liliane Peters, Michael Pauly, and Adriana Arghir. ServiceBots - A Scalable Architecture for Autonomous Service Robots. 9th IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE2000), 7 - 10 May, San Antonio, Texas, USA, 2000.